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TTY Service


Currently the Children's Aid Society of the District of Thunder Bay is using a free TTY Service through "Bell Relay Service".

How Bell Relay service works for a TTY user:

Persons who are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech disability use a TTY to type their conversations to a Bell Relay operator. The operator then reads the typed conversation to the other party. The Bell Relay operator then types the other party’s spoken words back to the TTY user.

How Bell Relay service works for voice users:

You can easily initiate home or mobile phone calls to TTY users using the Bell Relay service. A Bell Relay operator will type your spoken words to TTY users and read back their replies.

How to use TTY Service 

TTY to Voice:
If you need to call Children’s Aid and require TTY service, please do the following using your TTY machine:

  • Dial 711 (The Bell Relay operator will answer saying Bell Canada Relay service, (operator’s name) speaking, followed by GA (for go ahead).
  • Type in 807 343 6100 and then type GA.  Type in the name of the person you are trying to reach, doing so helps the agent connect to the person you are calling. The Bell Relay operator will let you know as soon as someone answers the call, i.e. “John is on the line, GA” (if you provided a name).

General tips for TTY users:

  • When calling Children’s Aid, be sure to give the operator the name of the person (or extension) you are trying to reach. This way, the call will progress much more quickly, and the operator won’t have to keep repeating the procedures for using the Bell Relay Service system.
  • If you type the wrong word or message, either backspace or type XXX after the mistake.
  • When you finish your turn, remember to type GA to signal the other person to respond.
  • If the person you are trying to reach is already familiar with the Bell Relay service, tell this to the operator at the beginning of the call.
  • You can leave messages on answering machines or voicemail systems with the Bell Relay service. When you do so, you could mention that you have called using the relay service, and leave the Bell Relay service 1 800 number with your area code and phone number.
  • When the conversation is finished, type GA or SK (stop keying).  Complete your call by placing the handset back on the phone and turn the TTY power switch off.
  • Always wait for the Bell Relay operator’s GA before typing.


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