Children's Services

When a child is admitted into the care of the Children’s Aid Society, a Children’s Services worker ensures that the child’s rights and best interests are protected, supported and monitored, and the voice of the child is heard.

The Children’s Services workers, in collaboration with the child’s family, community partners and caregivers, ensures that the physical, social, emotional, and service needs of the child are met.

For each child that enters the care of the Children’s Aid Society, a written plan for that child’s care is developed with the child, caregiver and when possible the biological family. The plan includes access or contact with the child’s family, and/or Band.

Children’s Service workers also provide support to youth age 16-17 who are in need of protection. These youth can enter a voluntary agreement with the Society that does not require them to be in the care of the Society.

For youth age 18 who are exiting care, workers enter into a voluntary agreement to continue to support them through their transition to adulthood at age 21.