TBCAS Anti-Oppressive Directional Statement

We are committed to equity, freedom from adverse discrimination and harassment, and the removal of all barriers to equal opportunity. Critical consciousness and awareness of our power and privilege are essential to becoming allies.

TBCAS Anti-Oppressive Website Narrative:

Equitable and collaborative services are essential to supporting the best outcomes for children, youth and families.   We are dedicated to pursuing a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion, to eliminate disparity and disproportionality in service outcomes.  We value the identities and lived experiences of those we serve. We continually challenge ourselves to recognize the impact of power and privilege on those who have been marginalized. 

People of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, races, cultures, genders and sexual orientations are welcome to have their voices help shape our services and decisions.  We are committed to incorporating the voices of children and youth to achieve positive outcomes. Our Youth Advisory Council is made up of service recipients willing to share their experiences to better inform and improve our service delivery.  If you are interested in being a part of this council, please let us know!