2018-2023 Strategic Plan


In partnership with families and our communities, we promote the safety and wellbeing of children and youth to help them reach their potential.


Thriving Children and Youth. Engaged Families. Strong Communities.


Children, youth and families are our priorities. We value: Integrity, Diversity, Equity, Accountability


Responsive Services

Provide equitable and evidence-based services that result in better outcomes for children, youth and families.

  • Strengthen our focus on prevention and early help/intervention.
  • Amplify the voices of children, youth and families we serve.
  • Implement strategies to address issues of inequity and oppression for vulnerable populations.

System Collaboration

Collaborate and engage with stakeholders to provide seamless and integrated services to our communities, children, youth and families.

  • Identify and prioritize service gaps and opportunities.
  • Leverage community engagement to strengthen service delivery and partnerships.
  • Work collaboratively with key decision-makers on system improvements.
  • Strengthen our commitment to advocacy efforts for children, youth and families.

Organizational Health

Enhance organizational wellness, and sustain passionate, engaged and healthy staff to deliver excellent services.

  • Build a supportive agency culture grounded in open communication and collaboration.
  • Support the continued integration of the team model.
  • Promote opportunities for staff engagement and participation.
  • Promote safety and equity in the workplace.

Organizational Excellence

Through demonstrated leadership and operational flexibility, meet our commitments and be valued by those who deliver our service and those we serve.

  • Develop and implement a succession plan.
  • Manage human and financial resources to meet organizational and service needs.
  • Develop a culture of continuous learning.
  • Implement innovative internal processes and technologies that support service excellence and achieve efficiencies.



We are committed to equity, freedom from adverse discrimination and harassment, and the removal of all barriers to equal opportunity. Critical consciousness and awareness of our power and privilege are essential to becoming allies.

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