Outreach Activity

Description of Outreach Activity

The Outreach Worker makes him or herself available to meet with youth in the community for counselling, support, direction, and also assists the youth in accessing many basic necessities such as shelter, food, clothing, employment opportunities and medical services. Relying upon the development of trusting and unconditional relationships, the Outreach worker strives to motivate and empower these youths to explore their options and meet new challenges to work towards bettering their current life situation. Frequently, the Outreach Worker serves as an advocate for the youth often functioning as a mediator in situations where the youth may struggle with family, Ontario Works, school, probations services, landlords and employers. Monitoring progress and offering encouragement and support as a follow up is also an important role of the Outreach Worker. In cases where referrals are made to other services, the Worker assists and supports through this process.

The role of the Outreach Worker is diverse and holistic in nature. Duties may include:

  • Counselling
  • Collaborating with Superior Points/Needle Exchange to encourage harm reduction with street youth
  • Encouraging use of/making referrals to Community Services Agencies i.e.: Ontario Works, food banks, Shelter House
  • Bridging or Mediating Parent/Teen Conflict
  • Accompanying youth to court/assisting youth who are going through the legal system
  • Teaching life skills
  • Connecting single parents and young families to services
  • Encouraging and connecting with the educational system
  • Liaising with the medical system
  • Connecting pregnant youth to prenatal care
  • Finding suitable accommodation and housing
  • Assisting with employment opportunities